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Centre of Bharat Studies had started from the beginning of Master of India Studies which is one of six majors in Master of Arts Curriculum, department of culture and development, Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia, Mahidol University. India Studies curriculum was opened in academic year 2007 which was the first one in Thailand who opened this field, and firstly admitted students in academic year 2008.

Since 2008, the center had created several academic events which relate to Bharat or India Studies such as Annual Seminar on "Indian Ideas and Thoughts" which happened by cooperation between Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia and India Embassy. In 2009, Research Institute of Language and Culture collaborated with International Summer School for Jian Studies (ISSJS) & Bangkok Jain Community to arrange summer seminar by "Jain Philosophy" Topic. While sending students of curriculum to participant in several activities which were related to India both in Thailand and India such as in 2008, student from India Studies curriculum and two Doctor's degree students had received scholarship from India government for field trip in India. Beside other academic activities also were created up by the cooperation from India Network Association Institute.

For a period of operation, center had been ready and built up confidence for exploration team this India Studies curriculum to create academic activities including to build up network with Indian scholars in India and related institutes.

On 15th February in 2010 committees team of Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia, Mahidol University had considered to establish Bharat Studies Center which belonged to Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia, Mahidol University. It was a department which operated research about India for creating knowledge and brought up that knowledge to utilize in discipline of Master's degree.

After establishing in that year, several academic activities were arranged under name of "Bharat Studies Forum". They had invited Thai lecturer who experienced and be cultivated in many dimensions of India to lecture. Every lecture's issue would be transcribed and wrote in small books named "Bharat Studies Forum". In the same year, Centre of Bharat Studies firstly published Bilingual News Letter (English-Thai) named "India Calling" as a first release for disseminating in and out Thailand by cooperation between Thai, India and ASEAN scholars. Moreover 2 students from India Studies curriculum had travelled a field trip in India for 1 month. In addition one of India Studies student had received a scholarship from India Government to learn Hindi for 8 months. In 2012, Centre of Bharat Studies had arranged academic activities under name of "India Talk" as a first time, they invited Indian lecturers who were expert in each field to join, after that they would pick up issue from each lecture to transcribe and write in both Thai and English version for publishing as small books in advance.

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