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Associate Professor Dr.Sirijit  Sunanta

Office Room :
Telephone : (662) 8002308-14 ext.3329
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PhD ( Women's and Gender Studies ) From University of British Columbia
Research Interest
Gender Approach to Migration and Transnational Studies
Transnationalism and Globalization in Asian Contexts
Food Cultures in Globalization
Gender, Race, and Multiculturalism in Thai Society
Research Projects (7)
2019 :
"Selling Thai-ness" to Westerners: the social and development impacts of marketing "Thai-ness" on entrepreneurs and people who work in the small-scale service sector
2018 :
International Retirement Migration: Social and Economic Implications on Thailand_Newton Fund PhD Travel Grant for Supervisors 2017/18
Multiculturalism in Thailand: A Feminist Perspective
Cultural Rights in Thailand: From Global Concept to Local Implications
Gender and Work in the Thai Health and Beauty Business: The Global Service Industry and the Commodification of Intimate Labour
Female Labor Migration in care and domestic work in ASEAN and Skill Development Opportunity
Phu Tai Ethnic Identity Revival in the Context of ASEAN Economic Community
Publications (17)
2561 :
ศิริจิต สุนันต๊ะ. (2561). ประเทศไทย โลกาภิวัตน์ กับเพศภาวะ: นโยบายด้านการท่องเที่ยวของประเทศไทยกับการย้ายฐานงานดูแลและการผลิตซ้ำในระดับโลก. วารสารสังคมวิทยามานุษยวิทยา, 37 (1), 127-149.
2021 :
Chirakranont, R., Sunanta, S.. (2021). Craft beer tourism in Thailand. Tourism Analysis, 26, 237-239.
2021 :
Jaisuekun, K., Sunanta, S.. (2021). German migrants in Pattaya, Thailand: gendered mobilities and the blurring boundaries between sex tourism, marriage migration and lifestyle migration. The Palgrave Handbook of Gender and Migration, , 137-149.
2020 :
Analiza Amurao, Sirijit Sunanta. (2020). They are ‘Asians just like us’: Filipino teachers, colonial aesthetics and English language education in Thailand. Sojourn, Scopus, Q2.
2020 :
. (2020). Statham, P; Scuzzarello, S; Sunanta, S; Trupp, A. (2020). Globalising Thailand through gendered mobilities and migration pathways with “the West”: cross-border connections between people, states, and places – an introduction to the Special Issue”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2020.1711567. , Scopus, Q1.
2020 :
Sunanta, S . (2020). Globalising the Thai ‘high-touch’ industry: exports of care and body work and gendered mobilities to and from Thailand. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2020.1711568, Scopus, Q1.
2017 :
Alexander Trupp, Sirijit Sunanta. (2017). Gendered Practices in Urban Ethnic Tourism in Thailand. Annals of Tourism Research, 64, 76-86.
2016 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2016). Comments on Eric C. Thompson, Pattana Kitiarsa and Suriya Smutkupt’s “From Sex Tourist to Son-in-Law: Emergent Masculinities and Transient Subjectivities of Farang Men in Thailand”. Current Anthropology, 57 (1), 67-68.
2016 :
Kwanchanok Jaisuekun, Sirijit Sunanta. (2016). Lifestyle Migration in Thailand: A Case Study of German Migrants in Pattaya. Thammasat Review, , .
2014 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2014). Thailand and the Global Intimate: Transnational Marriages, Health Tourism and Retirement Migration. MMG Working Papers, 14-02, .
2013 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2013). Gendered Nation and Classed Modernity: Perceptions of Mia Farang (Foreigners’ Wives) in Thailand. Cleavage, Connection and Conflict: Rural, Urban in Contemporary Asia T. Bunnell, D. Parthasarathy and E.C.Thompson (Eds.), , 183-200.
2013 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2013). Learning from the West? The State of the Multicultural Debate in Thailand. Journal of Language and Culture, 32 (1), 5-30.
2013 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2013). Negotiating with the Center: Diversity and Local Cultures in Thailand. Rights to Culture: Heritage, Language and Community in Thailand Barry, C. (Ed.) Chiangmai: Silkworm, , 163-187.
2012 :
Sirijit Sunanta, Leonora C. Angeles. (2012). From Rural Life to Transnational Wife: Agrarian Transition, Gender Mobility and Intimate Globalization in Transnational Marriages in Northeast Thailand. Gender, Place and Culture, , .
2009 :
Leonora C. Angeles and Sirijit Sunanta, Sirijit Sunanta. (2009). Demanding Daughter Duty. Critical Asian Studies, 41 (4), 549-574.
2007 :
Leonora C. Angeles and Sirijit Sunanta. (2007). Exotic Love at Your Fingertips’: Intermarriage Websites, Gender Representation, and the Transnational Migration of Filipino and Thai women. Kasarinlan Philippine Journal of Third World Studies, 12(1), 3 - 31.
2005 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2005). The Globalization of Thai Cuisine. CCSEAS Working Paper, , .
Presentations (2)
2010 :
Gendered Nation and Classed Modernity: The Perceptions of Mia Farang (Foreigners' Wives) in Thai Society
2009 :
Decentering Hegemony? The Trend towards Multiculturalism in Thailand
Other Products (1)
2009 :
Sirijit Sunanta. (2009). Global Wife, Local Daughter: Gender, Family, and Nation in Transnational Marriages in Northeast Thailand"" PhD Dissertation, University of British Columbia. .