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1981-1988 and 1993-2001 Director of Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia

Office : College of Religious Studies, Mahidol University
Telephone : (662) 8002630 ext. 309, (662) 8002657
Email : -
Website : -


  • B.A. (French Language and Literature), Chulalongkorn University
  • Doctorat de l’ Universit? de Paris Linguistiques et Etudes Extr?me-
  • Orientales (Sorbonne) France, Universit? de Paris

Selected Articles

  • 1971 Suriya Ratanakul, Problems of Tones in Thai Language, Journal of Thammasart University, Vol.1, No.2., p.149-182. (in Thai)
  • 1972 Suriya Ratanakul, Some Remarks on Contemporary Thai, Journal of Thammasart University, Vol.1, No.3., p.67-79. (in Thai)
  • 1990 Suriya Ratanakul, Tai People and Their Languages: A Preliminary Consideration, in Development Modernization and Tradition in Southeast Asia : Lessons from Thailand, edited by Pinit Ratanakul and U. Kyaw Than p.49-111.

Text Books

  • 1994 Suriya Ratanakul, Languages in Southeast Asia Vol.1: Austroasiatic and Sino-Tibetan, Bangkok, Sahathammik, pp.390. (in Thai)
  • 2001 Suriya Ratanakul, Semantics, an Introduction, Bangkok, Sahathammik press, pp.375 (in Thai)


  • 1972 Thai-Hmong Dictionary, Bangkok: Kasemsamphan, pp.195. (in Thai)
  • 1972 Where is ฃ ฅ, Journal of Thammasart University, Vol.2, No.1., p.29-60. (in Thai)
  • 1974 Idiomatic Usage : Proverbs, Metaphor, Saying, Four-syllabled phrase, Journal of Thammasart University, Vol.4, No.1., p.122-141. (in Thai)
  • 1974 Problem in Learning Thai of the Khmu-Lawa-Thin Children.
  • 1977 A Study of the Thin: a Mon-Khmer linguistic community in Thailand, presented at the Symposium on Researches in Philosophy, March 24-26, 1977 at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University under the auspices of the National Research council of Thailand (The Philosophy Division)
  • 1977 Aspects of Linguistic Features in Minority Languages, presented to The Regional Seminar on Language Education in Multilingual Societies: Its Challenges and Potentials, Singapore, 18-22 April, 1977.
  • 1978 Karen Song, presented to the Seminar on “Language Research in Thailand”, 23-24 February, 1978.
  • 1981 Sgaw Karen Color Categories, presented to the Eleventh International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, University of Arizona, October 20-22, 1978, published in Journal of the Siam Society, volume 69, 1981, p.138-144.
  • 1981 Transitivity and causation in Sgaw Karen, presented to the Thirteenth International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, University of Virginia, October 24-26, 1980, published in Linguistics Across Continents: Studies in Honor of Richard S. Pittman edited by Andrew Gonzalez and David Thomas, Manila, 1981, p.156-179.
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  • 1984 A Prolegomena on Traditional Wisdom in Karen Folklore, Presented to the International Symposium on Southeast Asian Folklore, Krogerup College, Humlebaek, Denmark, August 23-26, 1982, published in Journal of the Siam Society, volume.72, 1984, p.1-13.
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  • 1985 Suriya Ratanakul and Lakhana Daoratanahong, The Phonology of Lawa, Southeast Asian Linguistic Studies presented to Andre-G. Haudricourt, edited by Suriya Ratanakul, David Thomas, Suwilai Premsrirat, Mahidol University, Bangkok, p.264-309.
  • 1986 A Study of Compound Nouns in Lawa, White Meo and Sgaw Karen, presented to the 17th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics at the University of Oregon, September 7-9, 1984, published in Language in Global Perspective. Papers in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (1935-1985), Copyright 1986 by the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, p.549-556.
  • 1986 Suriya Ratanakul and Lakhana Daoratanahong, Lawa-Thai Dictionary, pp.421.
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  • 1987 Suriya Ratanakul and Lakhana Daoratanahong, Thai-Lawa Dictionary, pp.501.
  • 1988 Suriya Ratanakul and Lakhana Daoratanahong, Symptom-Aggravating Food and Food Behaviour of the Karen Sgaw, pp.92. (in Thai)
  • 1995 Suriya Ratanakul, Having Fun with the Thai Language, Journal of Language and Culture, Vol.14, No.1., January-June 1995, p.13-17. (in Thai)
  • 1996 Suriya Ratanakul, Funeval Tradition of the Lua, Journal of Language and Culture, Vol.15, No.1., January-June 1996, p.4-27. (in Thai)
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  • 1998 Suriya Ratanakul, “Numeral Classifiers in Sgaw Karen.”, Mon-Khmer Studies,28: 101-113.


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  • Suriya Ratanakul, “The Report on the Analysis of Wholehearted Teacherness of Queen Sirikit.” Ministry of Education, Bangkok Amarintra Printing and Publishing Co.Ltd. (in Thai)