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Doctoral Degree Program
Multicultural Studies
(International Program)
Master Degree Program
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The MA in Cultural Studies Programme has staff working in the following areas:

  • Area Studies (including ethnic groups and migrants, Indian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies)
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Museum Studies
  • Developmental Studies
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Gender Studies

Our programme has a long track record in students receiving research grants from various bodies including the Thailand Research Fund and the National Research Council of Thailand.

We run regular academic talk, seminar and reading group. Our invited guest speakers include:

  • Dr.Wessie Ling (Reader in Fashion Practice at Northumbria University)
  • Dr.Graiwoot Julpongsathorn (Film academic, critic and curator)
  • Dr.Nattanai Prasarnnam (Associate Professor in literary and screen studies, Kasetsart University)
  • Dr.Songphan Choemprayong (Assistant Professor in Information Studies, Chulalongkorn University)

Follow our events at:

Course Requirements

  1. Major Courses
    • LCCS 510 Principle Concepts in Cultural Studies
      Overview and diversity of approaches and definitions of cultures, values and the categorization of cultures, national culture, taste and class, culture in everyday life, Cultural Studies through the lens of post-colonialism, identity and gender politics, ethnic identities, anthropology and development, health culture, music and culture, cultural history through genealogy, discourse, truth construction through media, phenomenology and self in the post-modern era, phenomenology and exhibition space and participatory cultures
    • LCCS 513 Seminar on Contemporary Social and Cultural Issues
      Contemporary social and cultural issues in Thai society, disruptive changes, trends and impacts of changing economic, social and cultural policies in Thailand and international contexts, ways in which people adapt to socio-cultural changes, media phenomenon and globalization, state-nation and debates on cultural ownership, value of culture and ethical issues
    • LCCS 514 Practicum
      Methods and approaches in conducting cultural studies-related research, different methods in studying cultures, selecting a research method, research practicality in critical ethnography and visual anthropology, research practicality in phenomenology, research practicality in semiotics and discourse analysis, research practicality in narrative research, research practicality in action research, research practicality in mixed method research, ethical issues in cultural research
    • LCCS 515 Research Design in Cultural Studies
      Philosophy and paradigms in conducting research, different directions in doing research in relation to culture, different forms of knowledge from multiple research methods, the structure of a research proposal, research question, literature review, setting the scope of research and thinking about limitations, research planning, ethics in conducting research
    • LCCS 516 Critical Theory in Cultural Studies
      Developments and current debates of contemporary critical theory in relation to Cultural Studies, new trends of philosophical thoughts in analyzing culture and multi-cultures, culture as a tool to ideological construction, culture as politics, the theoretical issues and impacts of globalization and transnational cultures, postcolonial discourses and changes, culture and negotiations of meanings in different social contexts, cultural rights, gender and the Otherness, changes in social life within urbanized society, media and messages in digital society, critical debates of state cultural policies
  2. Elective Courses
    • LCCS 526 Health in the Digital Era
      The concept of new medical cosmology- e-scaped medicine, the concept of cyborg bodies, contemporary conceptualization of the relationship between information, reflexivity and health in the digital age, the shift in the location of medical knowledge and practice from medical institutions to the diffusion by digital technologies, the importance of using social media and electronic devices on health issues with 'real-time feedback', the implications of computerized technologies for human embodiment and subjectivity, the politic of gazing and privacy issues, intimacy, and ethical issues
    • LCCS 527 Health Business under Neo-Liberalism
      Contemporary concepts of bio-medicine under Neo-liberalism framework towards body, beauty and health, health system in capitalist society, the commodification of the body, culture and the intersection of 'technologies of power' and 'techniques of the self', the transformation of the technological imperative to a moral imperative, social representations of masculine/feminine beauty and aesthetic medicine, dangers and dilemmas in health business
    • LCCS 538 Cultural Studies of Music
      Music studies and the idea of culture, concepts and theories of music and culture in modern meanings from a variety of perspectives, the complex issues of the relationship between music and culture, current issues and critical debates in the politics of music and culture in 21th century, case studies of particular issues in world music
    • LCCS 539 Multiculturalism in Music and Performance
      Development, definition and series of idea of multiculturalism in music and performance, cultural diversity in music and performance of various cultural groups in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and the world, changes and continuity of cultural identities, cultural diversity in the modern context, the management of multicultural music and performance for development
    • LCCS 546 Critical Museum Studies
      History, mission, code of ethics, conservation, education, life long learning, research, exhibition design, curatorship, business canvas, marketing, fundraising, management, volunteer, tangible culture, intangible culture, safe guarding, preservative conservation, dynamics, monument, artefact, story-telling, representation, conversation, discourse, ideology, discursive argument, educational program, outreach program, audience development
    • LCCS 547 Dynamic Cultural Heritage for Conservation
      Principles, concepts of international cultural heritage conservation, concepts and practices of cultural heritage conservation in Thai and ASEAN contexts, international cultural heritage management standards, acquisition of cultural heritage, field collection, techniques of registration and documentation for the utmost benefits of conservation, research, exhibitions and publications
    • LCCS 558 Transnational Film Cultures in Asian Contexts
      Debates in relation to the role of film as art and as cultural goods, national cinema, transnational dimensions of contemporary Asian cinema, film authorship, star in national and transnational contexts, film genre and socio-cultural dimensions, film co-production and contemporary media in ASEAN, film distribution and exhibition, the relationship between film and other media, film audiences, fan communities and cultural practices, transnational fan tourism
    • LCCS 559 Culture and Identity in Contemporary Southeast Asian Contexts
      Theories, concepts and current debates in relation to social identity, functions and impacts of socio-cultural factors on the process of identity formation, social categorization, discrimination, nation-state building, globalization, the relationships between identity and social attitude and behavior of people in the society, identity as political discourse in relation to ethnicity, class, race, gender and transgender, nation and religion, case studies on identity politics in Thai and Southeast Asian contexts
    • LCCS 569 Indian Multiculturalism and the Connections with ASEAN in the Digital Age
      Historical background, political and administrative systems, ethnic diversity, policies in relation to religions and languages, impacts and negotiations with authorities, the adjustment of India in the digital age, the connections with ASEAN in terms of religion, culture, economics and politics from past to present, roles of Indian diaspora in ASEAN, cooperative frameworks between India and ASEAN and impacts in digital age
    • LCCS 576 Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development
      Principles, concepts and the origins of cultural policies, the concept of sustainable development, administrations, developmental models and the management that coincide with natural resources, economic, social and cultural conditions of the community, community-based research in different places, the development to create economic value, the creation of social strength from the level of family, community to country
    • LCCS 577 Community-based Innovation Development
      Innovation, research and development, creating a prototype, community studies, communities of ethnic groups, culture, socio-geography, daily-life, taste, consumption, politics, economics, power relations, defining a problem, problem-solving, analytical thinking, creative thinking, business canvas, engagement, commercialization, value creation, measuring social impact
    • LCCS 578 Social and Cultural Issues in Contemporary India Context
      Indian social and cultural diversity, intangible heritage to social innovation, political and economic transformations, Indian international roles,"Made in India"policy, smart cities, the export of culture, new generations and the country's development, social inequality, reflections on modern society
    • LCCS 580 Cultural Entrepreneurship and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy
      The philosophy of sufficiency economy, moderation, rationality, immunity, knowledge, morality, leadership, meanings of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mind-set, cultural entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship, digital economy, creative economy, urban development, rural development, sustainable development, value creation, community enterprise, world business, business model
    • LCCS 583 Design Thinking and Service Design in Social Entrepreneurship
      Community development, museum, eco-museum, community-based tourism,
      ethnic tourism, craftsmanship, clothing, accessories, food and beverages, fashion design, product design, design thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-driven thinking, problem searching, defining problem, solution, creating a prototype, testing, customer segments, customer insight, value prepositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue stream, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, cost structure
    • LCCS 584 Digital Media, Participatory Cultures and Creative Industries
      Cultural industries in the pre-digital era and socio-historical contexts, digital media phenomenon in Asia and influences to cultural industries, state policy and creative industries, definitions and debates in relation to participatory cultures, textual production strategies for cultural participations, meme and social reflections in urban culture, cultural participation through performances, research practices in digital culture
    • LCCS 602 Directed Studies
      An in-depth study with the experts in topic of interest

  3. Thesis
    • LCCS 697 Thematic Paper
      Identifying research topic, presenting research proposal, conducting research with concern of ethics, data collection, data analysis, synthesis and critiques of research results, compiling research findings as a thematic paper, thematic paper presentation, ethics in writing research report and presentation
    • LCCS 698 Thesis
      Developing a research project, proposing a research proposal, conducting research with concern for research ethics, data collection, data analysis, interpretation and discussion of research results, compiling research findings as a thesis, reporting on research progress, thesis defense, publishing research results in national/international peer-reviewed journal

For more information

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Program Secretary - Dr.Wikanda Promkhuntong, Lecturer
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