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Doctoral Degree Program
Multicultural Studies
(International Program)
Master Degree Program
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Core Courses
LCMC 601 Key Theoretical Concepts in Multicultural Studies
Theoretical exploration of multicultural debates in different contexts: North America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia. The development of multiculturalism as a political position and state policy towards ethno-cultural diversity. Multiculturalism and the globalization and localization of the human rights discourse. Exploring Multiculturalism from ethical side, discourse analysis, gender studies and feminism, from the cosmopolitan side, inclusion and exclusion, politics of representation.
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LCMC 602 Multicultural Research Methods
Philosophy and concept in cross-cultural research, problem identification in cultural diversity, multidisciplinary research design, mixed methods, obtaining data for multicultural research, examining data reliability, analyzing data and interpreting results, report writing, and multicultural research ethnics

LCMC 603 Seminar on Current Issues in Multicultural Studies
Seminar on issues related to ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, ethnic relations, and the status of ethnic, religious and cultural minorities and migrants, particularly in Southeast Asian contexts, through contemporary research and case studies.