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Doctoral Degree Program
Multicultural Studies
(International Program)
Master Degree Program
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Elective Courses

LCMC 610 Multiculturalism in Postcolonial Southeast Asia
The history of nation building in Southeast Asia under the context of colonialism. Political and military influence of world super powers in shaping ethnic relations and policies in regard to ethnic and cultural diversity in this region. Conflicts and political problems within and between states in the region that stem from ethnic relations and policies towards cultural diversity. The divergence and convergence between local and global concepts related to cultural diversity and ethnic relations. The implication of the global multicultural discourse and the promotion of rights for minorities in Southeast Asia.

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LCMC 611 Transnationalism, Migration and Diaspora in Asia
A study of evolution of the diaspora: status, mobility and identity in a foreign land. A study of global dynamics and the economy: the mobility of production, labors, goods, and capital across borders in Asia. Globalization and culture: transnational exchange and flows of people, ideas, media and images. Focus on citizenship and vernacularization of rights by refugee and migrant population at large, especially from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Focus on diversification processes pulled by flight from threats, human mobility, labor migration, educational opportunities, criminal networks, human trafficking and prostitution.

LCMC 612 Development and Cultural Diversity
Dialogue and development of critical thinking in relation to multicultural societies. Debates on theories and practices of development including development and cultural diversity, globalization and development, transnational development, developmental localism, developmental impacts on ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples, analyze the contextualization of development concepts and processes.

LCMC 613 Rights and Culture
Theory and practice on the extension of human rights to include rights to culture, such as linguistic rights, rights to community resource management, group ownership over tangible and intangible heritage and properties. Debates on anthropology of rights, collective rights, copy rights for indigenous knowledge. Critical examination of emerging social mobilization on the basis of culture, particularly in Southeast Asian contexts.

LCMC 614 Multiculturalism and Education
Exploring educational policy, curriculum, pedagogy, textbooks and classroom culture, interactions between teachers and students from non-dominant cultures and multicultural groups (e.g. immigrants) through cases from Canada, the USA, India and ASEAN countries, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Lao People's Democratic Republic, Cambodia and Thailand. Exploring debates from educators and policy makers through the work in educational reforms, educational development, education for disadvantaged, girls and minorities, and exploring contemporary multiculturalism issues, especially social and policy related issues.

LCMC 615 Communication and Multiculturalism
Principles and concepts of multiculturalism and communication, cross-cultural and intercultural communication, functions and impact of culture on communication in different contexts, cultural diversity and media, communication rights, factors influencing human communicative behavior, identity, ethnicity, gender, disability, and others

LCMC 616 Globalization and Medical Pluralism
Multiculturalism and medical pluralism, medical pluralism and power to define illness, globalization and the continuation of medical pluralism, emerging and re-emerging diseases, health care assessment for marginalized groups, eg., disable persons, elderly people, people with chronic disease, people with HIV, ethnic groups and migrant workers.

LCMC 617 Critical Multicultural Arts and Literatures
Studies of cultural diversity and the expression of multicultural identities through film, music, theatre, performance and other cultural forms. Multiculturalism in oral and written literature in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Changes and continuity of cultural identities in the modern context.

LCMC 618 Linguistic Diversity
Exploring linguistic diversity in Thailand and Southeast Asia, numbers of languages and speakers, number of languages spoken, language families, and diversity of language typologies. Areas of high and low linguistic diversity. Threats to linguistic diversity. Correlations between linguistic and cultural diversity and biodiversity

LCMC 622 Directed Studies
An in-dept study of a topic of student's interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The scope of the study and the course outcome are to be mutually arranged by student and the faculty member.

Note: Students may take elective courses at the Ph.D. levels offered by other departments at Mahidol University with the approval of the academic advisor.