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Doctoral Degree Program
Multicultural Studies
(International Program)
Master Degree Program
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Welcome to the Ph.D. Program in Multicultural Studies at Mahidol University. The program is designed to enrich cross-cultural learning environment and constructive dialogues among students and academic experts.

With a program’s issue-based approach, it allows students to investigate their topics of interest from interdisciplinary perspectives

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drawing on anthropology, history, cultural studies, public policy, development studies, law, education, religion, languages and literature. The program emphasizes wide range of research areas in multicultural studies on ASEAN countries, China and India, including globalization , cultural transition, social change,

human rights, development policy, linguistics, education, health, migration, religion, gender, politics, peace, traditional knowledge, ethnic relations and conflicts, museology, cultural heritage, community psychology, media and communication, and contemporary

issues in the ASEAN countries. We welcome students from various cultural and professional backgrounds to attend our program. They will benefit from deepening their knowledge on cultural diversity and enhancing their skills in carrying out social researches.

Further Information

Program Chairperson - Dr.Thithimadee Arphattananon, Associate Professor
Tel. (662) 8002308-14 ext. 3328
Fax. (662) 8002332
Email :