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The Sustainable Procedure of Village Broadcasting Tower in Response to the Community's Needs.

Research result was chosen to be published as a book named "reviving broadcast tower by participatory communication method" in books set named "wisdom creation: public policy set, 12nd rank" by Sponsored by Thailand Research Fund (TRF).

The project's significant mission was to inform people and communities that they had media in their own hands and they can utilize without relying on main media such as newspaper, radios, or televisions. This research brought positive variability to researching areas. Leaders and community were appreciated their roles and the significant of broadcast tower. Community had started to participant in the operation and management.

An obvious research result had found that Community Communication composed of two natural and important sections which were Broadcast and Management. In these two dimensions featured 3 levels of platform, first was community's cooperation. Second was Cooperation between networks of community. And the last one was endorsement from external organizations especially rural organizations which closed to them.

Full Text : PDF (in Thai)