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The Communication for Development Research group (CDRG) was established as part of the Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia and offers those lecturers, researchers and research assistants working or interested in the field of communication, teaching, research and academic services and opportunities to cooperate as part of a "Research group". Members of the research group conduct and develop various researches for the benefit of society and are able to adapt and use the researches in the wider context of education and academic service.

Furthermore, working as part of a research group fosters a sharing and learning atmosphere, resulting in recognized contribution and achievement on completion of the project and final publication.

There are 4 major objectives of the Communication for Development Research group (CDRG) :

  1. To research about communication, including research projects where communication is a main point and research projects in which communication is a shared point.
  2. To provide complete research projects for academic service
  3. To serve as an academic advisory body about communication for development
  4. To produce academic papers on communication for development

Completed projects of the group over 5 years (2003-2007) are :

  1. Opinion Leader Views of the Role of Health Promotion by Subdistrict Administrative Organizations, 2003. Supported by Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health.
  2. Sustainable Approach to Village Broadcasting in Response to Community Needs, 2004. Supported by The Thailand Research Fund.
  3. Local Media Focus on Health Communication, 2005. Supported by Health Systems Research Institute and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.
  4. Development of Models for Empowering Local Organizations and Communities in Implementing Communication Programs for Health Promotion, 2005. Supported by World Health Organization (WHO), passed to Ministry of Public Health.
  5. Research and Development Project on Local Health Communication, 2006. Supported by Health Systems Research Institute and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.
  6. Motivation and Factors Affecting the Work of Local Media in Nakhonpathom province, 2007.
  7. The Use of Mobile phones in Response to Daily Needs : a Case Study of People in Nakhonpathom province, 2007.

Currently, the group is involved in 5 projects, namely :

  1. Communication for Social Change, sub-project of Integreated Area-based Research to solve poverty with the participation, Supported by Mahidol University.
  2. Health Communication : Concepts, Procedures, and Applications, Supported by Health Systems Research Institute and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.
  3. Follow-up and Evaluation for Empowerment, Supported by The Mass Communication for Children Promotion Project, and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.
  4. Health Promotion using Health Account Book and Community Participation, Supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation.
  5. Synthesis of Health knowledge to support the drafting of the National Health Act (Topic 9 : Creating and Expansion of Health Knowledge, and Topic 10 : Promoting Health Information), Supported by Health Systems Research Institute.

At present there are 11 members in our research group; 7 lecturers, 1 researcher, and 3 research assistants. The group leader is Assoc.Prof. Duangporn Kamnoonwatana and the group secretary is Mrs.Wanitcha Chantasara. Members in the group are Lect. Sunida Siwaphathomchai, Assist. Prof. Pornthip Usuparat, Dr. Theerapong Boonraksa, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Amon Sangmanee, Lect. Supaporn Rudeechamruen, Dr. Naraset Pisitpanporn, Miss Niyanan Sampao-ngern, Miss Patcharin Getjamnong, and Miss Sukanya Sereenonchai.

The aim of the group is to support and encourage all members, particularly those with less experience in conducting research, so that they may learn and benefit from the experience of others. In addition, the group will offer opportunities to students at RILCA to work with the group, and learn directly from practical experience.

As part of our action plan for this year, not only are we undertaking new and continuing researches, but also we are providing academic services and publishing academic papers to meet our goal to serve as a leading research group for communication for development.



Dr. Amon Sangmanee, Associate Professor


Duangporn Kamnoonwatana, Associate Professor


Sunida Siwapathomchai, Assistant Professor
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Dr. Niyanan Sampao-ngern
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Supaporn Kacharat
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