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"Learn, Grow and Change"


Aiming to 'learn, grow and change', this research group is a space for faculty members and graduate students at Mahidol University who are interested in dialogue study, a constructive face-to-face interaction, and its application for development of cultural innovation and organization learning. It is has been established with support from the Institution to enhance members' capacity for generating self-knowledge from a grounded perspective. The research group also aims to apply knowledge in training workshop and consultant service in organization learning, community-based management approach and cultural innovation initiation.


  1. To apply dialogue for self-generating knowledge
  2. To enhance learning ability for faculty and graduate student
  3. To provide training relevance training workshop and consultant service

Planned Activities in 2008-09


  • Multidisciplinary action research in indigenous food system for health promotion
  • Developing new proposal for community-based approach on disability

Training workshop:

  • Introduction to Dialogue and Basic Skills for Dialogue Facilitation
  • Writing: A Method of Inquiry

Consultant Service:

  • Dialogue Facilitation for Organization Learning

Former Service Recipients

  • Community-based resource management groups in 4 regions
  • Bangkok Forum and health net work in sub-urban Bangkok
  • Bangkok Metropolitan administrators
  • International Organization of Migration (IOM)
  • United Nation Development Program (UNDP)
  • Department of Decease Control, Ministry of Public Health
  • Mahidol University Faculty Senate



Apinya Buasuang, Assistant Professor


Dr. Jitjayang Yamabhai,
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Narong Ardsmiti
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Therapong Boonraksa

[ Curriculum vitae ]


Werapong Mesathan
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Keerahdnikarn Chaeddhananan