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The Endangered Languages and Cultures research group originated from a commitment to study and document, as well as revitalize if needed, languages and cultures in Southeast Asia that are in crisis and on the verge of extinction. At the beginning, our mission concentrated on documentation and/or revitalization of 14 severely endangered languages in Thailand, namely, Chong, Kasong, Samre, Chung (Saoch), Mlabri, Sakai, Nyahkur, So (Thavung), Lawa (Gong), Mpi, Bisu, Lua (Lavua), Moklen and Urak Lawoi.

Later on, the Group has extended its operations into other domains, both geographically and thematically. This has given rise to new developments in applied linguistics and new challenges in the application of an interdisciplinary approach to document and revitalize languages in various states of crisis in Thailand and elsewhere.

Thus, the current goal and mission of the Center are not limited to documentation and revitalization of languages alone. In fact, members of the Group also train community activists to collect, create, and locally publish vernacular literature and local knowledge. Success is evidenced in certain ethnic languages such as Chong and Nyahkur that are being taught as a subject in government primary schools. A major language such as Pattani Malay is used as the language of instruction in 4 primary schools as part of an initiative to introduce Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Education in Thailand. The prestige resulting from the extended use of some ethnic languages in Thailand gives encouragement to other ethnic language groups, in a new way, as never before.



Dr. Suwilai Premsrirat, Professor Emeritus
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Dr. Pattama Patpong, Assistant Professor
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Dr. Siripen Ungsitipoonporn, Assistant Professor,
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Dr. Isara Choosri, Lecturer
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Dr. Mayuree Thawornpat,
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Dr. Sumittra Suraratdecha
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Mirinda Burarungrot
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