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Introduction to Museum Research Group

In a modern knowledge-based society, Museums are regarded as learning institutions that play a great role in providing education, inspiration, and aesthetic enrichment and development for all people and individuals, and cooperation with other public educational agencies for the purpose of study, education and enjoyment ( In Thai PLEARN: PLAYING+LEARNING)

With such philosophy and practices, thus the MUSEOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP (MRG) has set up among many other research groups at the Language and Cultural for Rural Development of Mahidol to emphasize on the study on museology and to cove with the needs of the Thai society to improve and broaden the outlook of museums and museum workers up to an international standard.

The MUSEOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP, therefore has put a focus on various approached on museum studies as follows:

  1. Research works on Museology
  2. Community Services to all institutions
  3. Setting up Networking with other institutions with the same missions and goals both inside and outside Mahidol University and also with international institutions throughout the world.

Working procedure of the MRG would be most simple adjustable, and flexible for the most benefit of Museum development in Thailand.

Organization Structure

Organization Structure is consisting with Core Group, Networking Group and Team Working Group Consultants





Apinya Buasuang, Assistant Professor


Pornthip Usuparat, Assistant Professor


Krittaya Akanisdha
[ Curriculum vitae ] [ Short Bio ]


Dr. Patoo Cusripituck
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Weeranan Damrongsakul
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Anurak Karnchan