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The "Regional Research Group" was formed from the "Nakornpathom Academics Community" that originated from a gathering of academics in Nakornpathom from Mahidol University at Salaya Campus, Silpakorn University at Sanarm Chanda Palace Campus, Kasetsart University at Kampaengsaen Campus, and Nakornpathom Rajaphat University. The group was set up in 1996 to do activities focused on education, research and community development. The resulting "Funds for Society in the West Region" in 1998 was developed as the Node of Central and West Regions supported by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) in 2000 and became "The Regional Research Group" in 2005.


To create wisdom for Thai regional Development


Phrase 1: Academics Community

  1. To co-operate in the study of regional communities.
  2. To survey and determine the general situation of the region.
  3. To create a venue for monthly meetings and to propose community.
  4. To create networks and meet to exchange opinions with educational institutes and other organizations using an independent budget.
Phrase 2: West Regional Social Fund
  1. To meet and conduct seminars
  2. To train
  3. To study and make field trips
  4. To act as a centre for the exchange of knowledge
  5. To create and link regional networks for cooperation
  6. To observe the situation in regions

Phrase 3: Node of Central and West Regions

  1. To support regional research project development
  2. To create learning processes for the support of regional research projects
  3. To create learning processes appropriate to area circumstances
  4. To define Node's role in supporting sustained communities
Phrase 4: Regional Research Group
  1. To support and encourage regional research
  2. To cooperate with organizations and networks in tracking change and mobilizing cooperation with other departments for regional research
  3. To distribute and adapt concepts and theories of regional research for the benefit of students, researchers and academics. Communities can apply these concepts in work development, academic services
  4. To administer the regional research group in accordance with the policies, vision and mission of the institute, university and nation, to develop sustainable assets in every part of society.

Action Plans

  1. Plan for supporting regional research projects
  2. Plan for cooperating with other organizations and networks
  3. Plan for knowledge management and passing on knowledge to society
  4. Plan for administering Node


Finished projects:

  • Saving Group's role in solving the problem of informal debt: case study of Baan Thammasala, Moo 1, Tambon Thammasala, Amphur Muang, Nakornpathom Province
  • Canal conservation method in Tambon Pho Huk through co-operation with community and schools in Amphur Bang Pae, Ratchaburi Province
  • Suitable market type for sustainable agricultural groups in Moo 1, Tambon Klong Jinda, Amphur Sampran, Nakornpathom Province
  • Suitable agricultural methods for reducing costs for farmers in Moo 3, Tambon Klong Jinda, Amphur Sampran, Nakornpathom Province
  • Community participation in learning development towards sustainable independence in Tambon Baan Laem, Amphur Baan Laem, Phetchaburi Province
  • Masterplan study for community energy in the central region, Ministry of Energy
  • Masterplan study for reinforcing National Identity Orientation between 2008-2011, National Identity Office, Office of The Permanent Secretary to The Prime Minister
Continuing Project:
  • The study of knowledge management with regard to National Identity in basic education programs in 2002, National Identity Office, Office of The Permanent Secretary to The Prime Minister



Iam Thongdee, Assistant Professor


Dr. Sophana Srichampa, Associate Professor,
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Renu Muenjanchoey, Assistant Professor,
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Yongyuth Burasith, Assistant Professor
[ Curriculum vitae ] [ Short Bio ]


Dr. Jitjayang Yamabhai,
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Supaporn Kacharat
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Benjawan Tejasen


Jitikarn Jinarak


Pattaraporn Pubal

and ...

  • Students of Rural Development Studies Program
  • Members of Rural Development Club