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Positively and negatively, the forces of globalization have impacted on Thai and Southeast Asia societies especially in cultural aspects.Therefore it is necessary to prepare readiness with a cooperation from social academics in various sciences.

Social and Cultural Research Group was set up from gathering of several academics in different fields such as Medical Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Communication, Social Development Studies, Linguistics and Museum Studies- who are interested in studying and analyzing social and cultural phenomena which are occurred from globalization's influence in rural, national and Southeast Asia levels.


  1. To study for creating body of knowledge about new social phenomena occurred from globalization and global capitalism to guide society into finding answer for making suggestions which lead to be national policies, specification of measure and mechanism for reducing social problem's severity.
  2. To be an area for researchers interested in similar topics to meet, share their experiences and brainstorm for developing research questions which are updated to deal with problems and conform to national requirement.
  3. To be an area for creating and supporting institute' staffs and students to be brand-new researchers.
  4. To apply research' studies for solving variety of problems harmoniously with present society condition and to distribute our social and cultural research to outside.

Recently and Present Researches

  1. Mahidol Elderly Research Project (Finished)
  2. Cultural Mapping of Ethnic Groups in Thai-Cambodian Border Provinces : A Policy-Making Instrument for Problems Solving in Border Areas
  3. Resource Management for peace and sustainability Project



Apinya Buasuang, Assistant Professor


Iam Thongdee, Assistant Professor


Dr. Naraset Pisitpanporn


Dr. Saowapa Pornsiripongse, Associate Professor
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Sophana Srichampa, Associate Professor,
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Khwanchit Sasiwongsaroj, Assistant Professor,

[ Curriculum vitae ] [ Short Bio ]


Yongyuth Burasith, Assistant Professor
[ Curriculum vitae ] [ Short Bio ]


Dr. Isara Choosri, Lecturer
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Jitjayang Yamabhai,
[ Curriculum vitae ]


Dr. Therapong Boonraksa

[ Curriculum vitae ]


Supaporn Kacharat
[ Curriculum vitae ]