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Mahidol Thai House consists of a complex 5 traditional Thai-style houses. There are connection porches and a riverside pavilion building in traditional central Thai style. Khun Rabieb Kunakasem made the initial donations for the construction, so we named this Thai house “Rabieb Kunakasem Building” in her honor.

The building has been adapted for practical purposes. For example, the drawing room is used as an exhibition, lecture and religious ceremony room, as well as for weddings, and the porches and verandah are used for art and culture exhibitions. Visitors can see shows and enjoy the natural setting. A grove of “Sa-Kae-Tung Trees” is maintained next to the Thai house, and local birds and wild fowls fly overhead, far from the urban chaos.

Mahidol Thai House is our pride. As M.R. Kukrit Pramoj said, “It’s so nice. You shouldn’t wonder what it is to be used for; it should be built anyway, because in the future, others may not do it.”

At present, the Mahidol Thai House is managed by the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia (RILCA). It is open for everyone to visit and relax there.

Location :
Research Institute for Languages ​​and Cultures of Asia Mahidol University

Business hours :
08.30 – 16.30 (Monday – Friday)

Contact :
Mr.Anurak Karnchan
Tel. 0-2800-2308-14 Ext. 3104, 084-439-4164

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