Aesthetics and Sociology of Culture

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Aesthetics and Sociology of Culture


Dr.Wikanda Promkhuntong


  • Dr.Koraya Techawongstien
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Narong Ardsmiti

Introduction and Focus

This cluster focuses on the interdisciplinary exchanges of members working in different areas related to texts (film, translated literature, media and arts), spaces (with the focus on the border-crossing between Thailand and Southeast Asia and beyond), and critical questions on power politics and sociology of culture. Members of the clusters have conducted research on fan/cinephile culture of East Asian cinema, film production studies, new film history, translated literature from/into Thai, games studies, practices and cultures of ethnic minorities in Thailand and generational mobility. Individual researchers received funding from Mahidol University, Thailand Research Fund, National Research Council of Thailand and British Academy.

Starting in 2019, members of the cluster also aim to work together each year under the shared thematic research enquiries and exchanges. Between 2019-2021, all three founding members co-supervised theses and organized various seminars that foster the shared research interests in cross-border cultures and postcolonial thoughts in Asia. The members agreed to write a paper each under this theme, which would contribute to the wider reflections for gaps and future works in postcolonial research works in relation to film, media, translated literature and cross-border cultures in the context of Thailand and Southeast Asia.

In 2022, the research cluster expands the focus to broader questions of Area Studies that intersect with film cultures, translated literature, and tourism culture/urban studies

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