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Public Arts


Assistant Professor Dr.Nantida Chandransu


  • Dr.Skowrung Saibunmi
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Sumittra Suraratdecha

Introduction and Focus

The research group at hand is dedicated to investigating the significance of public art within the context of the creative process. It delves into the creation of meaning, language, and culture within public spaces and exhibitions. A key focus lies in fostering collaboration among academics, artists, and the community to shape the cultural landscape. The group endeavors to contribute to the development of diverse cities and communities by utilizing artistic practices to restore the environment. Moreover, it aims to enhance the community’s image and support local activities, fostering a sense of community and promoting awareness of local identity. Through participatory processes, the research group strives to encourage social change, facilitate the development of social networks, and foster social integration. It also values creative collaboration and nurtures community cultural diversity by employing a relational aesthetic. The research group employs a wide range of methodological and integrative approaches, with a strong focus on sustainable development across multiple dimensions in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Presently, the group is engaged in various projects, including the Public Arts Project, which explores innovative ways to drive cultural transformation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the group is involved in a project that promotes media literacy and surveillance awareness among different age groups, bridging the gap between youth and seniors through a cultural dimension. Furthermore, there is an ongoing youth-led initiative aimed at preserving local language and culture, focusing on the continuation and enrichment of local wisdom heritage. Lastly, the group is actively involved in a project that aims to revive, restore, and advance Thai arts, culture, and local wisdom through creative innovation.