Assoc. Prof. Dr.Watcharapol Wiboolyasarin

Deputy Director for Education, Academic Service and Corporate Communication

Watcharapol Wiboolyasarin is an educational technologist, language instructor, and teacher educator. He is an Associate Professor in the Thai language who specialises in teaching and learning Thai as a foreign language. At RILCA, Dr. Wiboolyasarin developed the MU Thai Exam for Non-native Speakers (MU-TENS), which is used to assess the listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities of individuals interested in studying, working, or migrating to Thailand. Along with his work with language practitioners and researchers, Dr Wiboolyasarin designed the mobile app ‘RILCA for Kids’ for primary school teachers in Thailand who want to more effectively support young dual language learners. He is currently working on a project called ‘RILCA Worlds’ that will create a task-supported, collaborative 3D virtual world to improve non-native learners’ Thai communicative skills.