Unexpolored Health and cultural: Challenged and opportunities in the aged care for the transnational retirement industry in Thailand

Head of Project:

Associate Professor Dr.Kwanchit Sasiwongsaroj


Associate Professor Dr.Kwanchit Sasiwongsaroj
Associate Professor Dr.Nuntiya Doungphummes


1 October 2020 – 31 December 2022

Background and Significance of Research


  1. To explore challenges and opportunities in the transnational retirement industry through cultural diversity perspective with the attempt to survey international retirees from Western countries and Japan living in Thailand.
  2. Gain insights into their transnational lifestyles, health status and care needs, as well as the impacts of cultural differences on their living and use of care services. In addition, opportunities arising from unique cultural elements that can serve to build a competitive advantage through differentiation will be investigated for promoting elderly care business in Thailand.


  1. The findings of this research will fill the knowledge gap related to health status, morbidity patterns, healthcare needs, and problems and difficulties in using care services among retired migrants. This information is crucial for developing elderly care services to meet the needs of the target markets and improving the quality and professional standards of care services in elderly care businesses in Thailand and beyond.
  2. The findings will unfold issues on unique aspects of Thai culture and traditions related to elderly care that can be used as unique selling points to attract foreign seniors to Thailand and to serve as a focus of competitive differentiation in the region. This would also support the government’s “New S-Curve Industry” National Policy to promote Thailand as a hub for Medical and Wellness Tourism.
  3. This empirical research will contribute to the neglected phenomenon of the emergence of “international retirement industry” in Thailand to the academic community in the fields of transnational ageing and international retirement migration. One of the outcomes of this research will be the publication of research articles in high profile and influential scientific journals in a field of social science and humanity. This will support the university’s vision to be ranked in the world’s top 100 university.