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“Languages and cultures are at the heart of sustainable development.”


A leading international research institute committed to sustainable development through language and culture.


Research and innovation
To strive for excellence in language and culture research, drive social innovation, and influence policy for sustainable development.

To foster a skilled national workforce in language and culture through interdisciplinary research, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Academic services
To provide language, culture, intercultural communication, and creative arts-based academic services nationally and internationally to meet public demands and generate income.

Strategic partnership
To enhance strategic partnerships for research, education, and academic services nationally and internationally.

Management for the organizational sustainability and digital literacy and transformation
To enhance sustainable organizational management, and work processes through digital transformation and information technology.

Strategic Plan (2022-2026)

Strategy 1
To achieve research excellence, promote social innovation, and influence policy on language and culture that support sustainable development.

Strategy 2
To provide innovative and integrated education to meet the needs of society and the country.

Strategy 3
To offer academic services and develop policies on language, culture, multiculturalism, and creative arts for social development and income generation.

Strategy 4
To establish a management profile that prioritizes security, sustainability, digital transformation, and digital literacy.

Download: Strategic Plan (2022-2026)

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