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The special documentary series “Some One, One of Many” aims to promote an understanding of diversity in Thai society and encourage the sustainable coexistence among people who recognize the value and equality of others.

The production of this documentary series is a collaboration between the Research Institute for Languages ​​and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University which has long specialized in multicultural studies and multilingual studies in Thai-ASEAN society and in the transnational dimension and two media organizations, namely Inspire Media Co., Ltd. and Pleadis Bangkok Co., Ltd., – experts in content creation and storytelling through documentaries to promote tolerance and awareness of different groups in a multicultural society and inspire change in accordance with sustainable development guidelines.

The content of the documentary is divided into six major topics of interest. The “Introduction” presents differences and diversity within the definition of “Thai” in various dimensions in the first episode, followed by “Pluralism, Roots of Plural Society”, which in 12 episodes explores the diversity of pluralism in the Thai social landscape in terms of national Identity and livelihood culture. “New Multicultural Society” presents cultural groups in the present that are different as regards of family, sexuality, lifestyle of people of different ages, beliefs and faith crossing the religious barrier multiculturalism in the digital world and traditional media in 18 episodes. “Citizens without borders” outlines the flow of society in 7 episodes, and “Extraordinary People in the Commons” sets out to offer an understanding of the lives, values, and rights of people with disabilities special needs in 4 episodes. Finally, “Summary” provides knowledge development guidelines for Thailand’s pluralistic society, including examples highlighting the way to a sustainable pluralistic society based on multiculturalism. This final part consists of three episodes.

“Some One, One of Many” is 25 minutes long and contains of 45 episodes. It is broadcast on digital television station MCOT HD 30 every Saturday – Sunday from 9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. The documentary series is presented on social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube under the name “SOME ONE Documentary One of Many” and network partner channels. The article will be published along with the 25-minute documentary and a 5-minute excerpt on the television broadcast.


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