Communication for Development (CD)

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Communication for Development (CD)


Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nuntiya Doungphummes


  • Assoc.Duangporn Kamnoonwatana (Honorary Expert)
  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Theeraphong Boonrugsa
  • Dr.Sirintorn Bhibulbhanuvat
  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Sunida Siwapathomchai
  • Krittaya Akanisdha
  • Dr.Narongdej Phanthaphoommee
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr.Watcharapol Wiboolyasarin

Introduction and Focus

The primary objective is to conduct research and generate a comprehensive knowledge base in the field of communication and communication for development within academic circles. Moreover, the aim is to utilize participatory action research approaches to empower individuals, communities, and societies, enabling them to catalyze sustainable change.

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